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Founder and director
dr Karolina Kizińska

Dear Parents, many years ago in kindergarten No. 42 in Lublin, a rhythmics teacher allowed a little girl to play the piano. She had never had any contact with music before. No one in the family sang or played any instrument. But for some reason, she really wanted to play. And fortunately, she found a teacher who devoted time to her, showed her the instrument, and encouraged her to play. I was this little girl. Since then I have not been able to imagine my life without music and I pay particular attention to the needs of children. I have founded the Kompozytornia School of Music, Fikamy bez MAMY Kids Club and the Fikamy i Gramy kindergarten to ensure the best development and education of children. I do my best so that both parents and children alike describe those places saying ‘This is it!’.

Joanna Stach

Singer and composer/songwriter. She has cooperated with De Mono and Sylwia Grzeszczak. A graduate of the Mieszko I School of Education and Administration in Poznan in Early Childhood and Preschool Education. A graduate of the Teachers' College of Foreign Languages in Stargard in English. She is interested in the influence of music on children’s emotional development. She was attached to the Care and Education Centerno 1 in Stargard. She is fascinated by the Speech Level Singing method and participated in numerous workshops (Vocal Holiday Program 2015, the workshop with Marta „Marika” Kosakowska 2018, consultations and workshops in voice emission organised by teachers from the Natural Voice PerfectionInstitute). She has completed the E. E Gordon course. She takes care everyday of our children's musicianship.

Manager and Teacher
Joanna Kosmela

Autie Joasia graduated from Kazimierz Wielki University In Bydgoszcz In Pedagogy, specialty: early school pedagogy. She also completed a B.A. in early school pedagogy in the specialty of early childhood pedagogy. During her studies she worked as guardian in Klubik Malucha. After graduation she went to Great Britain to work in two kindergartens as Qualified Early Years Educator. She completed workshops In „Social, emotional and mental health”; she also Has a certificate In Safeguarding Introduction and Safeguarding Children Refresher. She is interested in raising children in bilingual environment as well as music in child’s development through singing and games.

Sandra Nawrocka

A student of Adam Mickiewicz University In Poznan In the field of early school pedagogy and early years teaching. She is a children and free time animator. She loves to dance and she danced in a Polish Folk Dance Ensemble for three years. She loves animals. She graduated from acting school. Her biggest dream is to create a children theatre. She is an always-smiling teacher in Fikamy I GRAMY kindergarten!

Psychologist and Speech Therapist
Anna Rossowska-Gródzińska

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and speech therapist. I help children and adults from Poznan and surrounding areas find solutions and methods to cope with difficulties. I value the power of talk in what I do, that’s why I listen closely to the stories of people I meet. I accompany them on the journey to understand themselves. With pleasure do I observe both small and big achievements they make. I do it all with discretion, kindness and assurance of safety, understanding and empathy. In order to provide the best assistance I participate in numerous workshops and supervisions. My credentials: MA in psychology (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), diploma in speech therapy (post-graduate studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznan); traffic psychology (post-graduate studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities); diploma in psychotherapy and systemic therapy (Systemic Therapy Association - Wielkopolskie Towarzystwo Terapii Systemowej); family mediation (Warsaw-Poznan Family Mediators’ Association - Stowarzyszenie Mediatorów Rodzinnych Warszawa-Poznań); Transactional Analysis Study (AION Psychotherapy and Psychological Training Centre -Ośrodek Psychoterapii i Treningów Psychologicznych AION); certificate in pedagogy (post-graduate studies, University of Economics in Katowice); administration and management in public administration (post-graduate studies at Poznan University of Economics and Business); organisation of social work and assistance (post-graduate studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan).

Mathematics and child development teacher
Agata Maternowska

A graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in the field of pedagogy (elementary education and pedagogical therapy as well as pedagogical therapy and art therapy). In previous years a teacher in various Poznan's kindergartens. Owner of the Polish Dyslexia Society diploma in the Good Start Method. Enthusiast of the pedagogical therapy, motor control development and children's graphomotor skills. Participant in many courses: No Reward not Punishment Education - Positive Discipline; Developing children's mathematical skills; Using the elements of the Sherborne Development Movement in didactic and educational work; Dances and activities that shape children's proper posture and work against pediatric foot problems. A dreamer to plant a will to gain knowledge and to experience education with all the senses in children's minds. At Fikamy i GRAMY! she is a mathematics and child development teacher.