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We consciously take care of children’s development.

Imagine a place where music has incredible power. Live music surrounds children and the space is filled with singing, dancing and spontaneous laughter.

In our kindergarten, experience and knowledge about children’s development processes are combined with innovative teaching methods. An individualized approach to children allows us to closely follow their development and strengthen competences appropriate for a given age. Our team cooperates with parents and we believe both sides can learn from each other.

Our entire programme is based on fun. Focussing on three pillars: playing, creating and discovering, we use the natural curiosity of children and the desire to learn through singing, dancing, art, storytelling, eco education and sensory activities. While playing children learn Polish, English and Maths.

Developing music skills is a core element of our methodology. At our kindergarten, children learn music in line with E.E. Gordon’s theory, which means that teachers develop children’s melodic and rhythmic skills, and teach audiation and musical thinking.

Being immersed in music helps children learn about it in a relaxed atmosphere and thanks to it they can develop in a unique way. Music influences the development of memory, mathematical and organisational skills as well as language aptitude.

Our goal is to create an environment conducive to the early stage of development that underlies the lifelong learning process. We believe it is sometimes more important how we learn, than what we learn!

Play is a state of mind in which the potential of challenges and opportunities is balanced. This is an optimal state of mind for creation and innovation. Achieving this state is possible thanks to three simple rules: enough self-confidence to take risks, a lot of time for children’s work and a great sense of humour.

In this way, we support children in being open to lifelong learning.


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