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The idea behind Fikamy i Gramy

In our kindergarten, we use proven and innovative methods. We learn English every day and conduct music classes according to E.E. Gordon's theory.


Fostering creativity, development of thinking and cooperation.We create a diverse and stimulating environment for asking questions. We follow children’s interests and work around topics that interest them.


Artistic activity develops abilities, enables self-expression and teaches sensitivity. We play instruments, sing, improvise, use rhythm, co-create theatrical performances, paint, and construct. Art shapes imagination and aesthetic sense and inspires creative thinking. It helps children experiment freely and discover the world with passion.

Spending time in a creative way and having fun surrounded by nature – a source of timeless lessons about the world – facilitates learning through experience.This means that we often get dirty. Children discover and solve real problems, as well as deepen their knowledge about their physical place in the world.


Play, creativity and learning are also ways of familiarizing children with the world of values. We believe the most important of these are:

- Respect - respecting one another and seeing one another as equal
- Trust - we build and care for mutual relationships
- Honesty - we speak openly
- Responsibility - we are responsible for our words and actions
- Community - dialogue and taking care of each other

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Fikamy i Gramy’s

In our kindergarten your child will:

- try to use their ideas through performing various tasks,
- become independent,
- learn to cooperate,
- feel safe,
- get to know their emotions and try to express them,
- believe in themselves and their possibilities,
- develop their abilities,
- improve their self-esteem